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Self-Publishing a Book Through Amazon

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amazonIf you have a written work and you want to have readers, with the advent of technology nowadays, this will not be a problem anymore. Anyone can publish their own books. With Amazon’s Kindle platform, you could be an instant author.

The Kindle is a series of tablets and eReaders provided by Amazon. It also came with an eBook publishing platform which allows almost anybody to be an author and have his or her own readers worldwide. Now, all you need is a free download of Microsoft Office and write your book. Then, you may publish your work through Kindle Direct Publishing and it would be readily available through the Kindle app in an instant.

The steps are simple. First, go to Amazon’s home page and click the link which reads “Independently publish with us”. Click “Get Started” to create your own account. Make sure you have an existing Amazon account for this. If you do not have any yet, create one. Once you have it, you go to your Kindle Dashboard. Add your works here and monitor reports on book sales as well. Once you are ready to publish your own work, click on “Add New Title”.

amazon-expands-book-publishing-business-34d292880eAfterwards, enter your book details from the book title, authorship, the type of your book, pricing, and other information. You do not need and ISBN code for this. The next step is to add a category where your book belongs. This would help you direct your book to your preferred target better. You may register it for up to seven keywords. After this, upload a cover for your eBook. Certain guidelines are set by Amazon for this and make sure you follow them. Make sure that your cover is appealing enough to attract more readers. In case you do not have enough skills, refer to eLance so you may connect with skilled graphic designers.


Finally, you are ready to upload your eBook. You would be asked if you want to enable the DRM or Digital Rights Management. Enabling this would make it hard for others to share your work without payment. This would entirely depend upon you. Amazon accepts formats such as Word, HTML, ePub, Text, and PDF. Review the format and preview of the document you just uploaded and make the necessary changes. Amazon has an online previewer feature which allows you to see how your book would look under different devices. And for the last step, set the price of your book. You are now officially an author whose works are readily available around the world. Typically, it would take 24-48 hours before your book becomes available for sale.

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