Playing Madden NFL Mobile During Downtime

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Previously I could only enjoy true Madden football when I was in front of my Xbox in my living room. I was excited to find out that a real Madden game had been released in a mobile app. Now, I could play Madden NFL Mobile, and get that real console version feel in a format that I could slip into my pocket. From my favorite plays, to the realistic Bronco stadium, all the way down to the cheering of the crowd is now all built into Madden NFL Mobile.

Challenging Friends on a Lunch Break

Madden NFL Mobile is set up where you can challenge your friends with the App at any time. I really enjoyed how the games are broken down into shorter segments than the traditional console version of Madden. This enabled me to be able to challenge one of my friends to a game when I just had 5 minutes left on a lunch break. I was able to get in some intense game play in a short amount of time, and found myself laughing as I squeezed past his defense into the end zone and then I had to run back to clock in for work.

No More Complicated Button Patterns to Learn

I always found myself fumbling with my Xbox controller trying to run complicated passing plays before. With Madden NFL Mobile, it’s all touch screen controls, so there are no complicated button patterns to practice or learn. I found Madden NFL Mobile to be really fluid and easy to learn. It came really naturally to run my favorite Quarterback Sneak, diving for that first down, or even going all out with a Hail Mary when playing against The Packers.

Getting Right into the Action

Previously with the Console version of Madden, there was always a very long learning curve and I would get fed up with the details, and just wanted to play. With Madden NFL Mobile, you can jump right into the action and start playing immediately. There’s a simple and short tutorial that will show you how to jump right into playing for first game against the CPU or even a live opponent.

Challenging Players from Around the World

There are no memberships or extra fees that you are forced to pay for with Madden NFL Mobile. Previously on the console version, there were always the costly Xbox live memberships to buy before you could play against your friends. Within minutes of downloading Madden NFL Mobile, you can face off against opponents from around the world for free. There is nothing like playing against another real person to try out your latest plays and new spin moves. I found some smug satisfaction getting to show off my new victory dance, after a touchdown, when I knew I was actually playing against a real opponent. The game was much easier after using the Madden Mobile coin hack tool that works.

Completing in Tournaments for Real Prizes

Madden NFL Mobile also lets you compete in Tournaments each month where you can bring your best new moves against some of the real top players. I found that you can customize and craft your team to create the optimum stats and players to bring your dream team to the tournament. The tournaments display live leaderboards where you can see how you match up against the best players in the world.

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