How to Get Your Book Published

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Many beginning authors might not know where to turn to get a book published. With the development of eBooks and the Kindle, many may wonder if publishing an eBook is the easiest way to go. It may seem pretty confusing, but luckily there is some help for those who are interested in publishing a book.


To begin, it is important to research the appropriate publisher or agent for your work. Next step is to read submission guidelines of publishers and agents to determine which places are right for you. After that comes perhaps the most important step of submitting the proposal or query of a submission package to a publisher.

A query letter is perhaps the most important tool for authors seeking to get their book published. It is a letter that tries to convince an agent or editor to request a proposal or full manuscript of the book. Keep in mind that most editors do not accept a full manuscript; however, most do accept a query letter. If they do not accept a query letter, it means they are in a completely closed market. Also important to note that many publishers do not accept work that is unagented. That is why many will suggest finding an agent before a publisher.

Agents are considered the go-to experts in the publishing industry. Because their specialty is publishers, they know first hand what publishers are more apt to buy a particular work. Also important is the fact that agents work hard to negotiate the best price for an author’s work. They ensure that an author is paid fairly and accurately.

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However, keep in mind that an agent might not be necessary. If you are aiming to be published by a big publishing firm, an agent is absolutely necessary. If you are more of a niche writer using tools like free Microsoft Office download, it might not be necessary to find an agent.

Many authors may get frustrated with the seemingly endless task of applying for publishers might choose to go the self publishing or e-publishing route. One benefit of having a publishing house is they will do the promotion and marketing for you, ensuring that your book makes its way into stores.

While many authors get discouraged if they are turned down by a publisher, it is important to not give up. Many authors get turned down again and again, and competition is fierce. It is important to stand by and really promote your work. Some authors can be rejected over 100 times before they become successful, so make sure you are in it for the long haul. The keyword here is patience. Make sure you have plenty of patience.

Thankfully, there are many options for authors who would like to get published. However, it is worth the time and effort to become published by a publishing company. For people looking to instantly become published, the eBook route is a good option.

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